Climate resilience is increasingly viewed as a lever for a city’s economic development.

Traditional selling points, including low taxes, a strong workforce, and easy-access transportation, continue to play a role in the municipal incentive mix; but on their own, they are no longer enough to attract new investment.

Independent Certification by Enjoy The Air validate the natural advantages of your location to keep incentives competitive and to support long-term sustainability goals.

Central Government policies
sustainability goals

Incentives for companies locating in resilient cities can include more reliable asset protection, decreased liability costs, employee and customer safety, and less risk of business interruption. HALO Certification assesses the impact of Air Quality on the value of these incentives, enabling Local Government Authorities to better target incentives for economic, public health and growth outcomes.

Local authorities, a business-critical channel for Central Government policies and front-line service delivery, trust accurate, unbiased evaluation of community sentiment from UNITE Social Analytics in planning measures to improve Air Quality.