Higher Ambitions, Less Obstacles

HALO for Effective, Joined-Up Action

Higher Ambitions Less Obstacles

Progress on Clean Air requires a community, grass-roots base of citizens who see and experience benefits from Air Quality investment. (The lack of this support already threatens the sustainability of self-serving policies for congestion charging, clean air zones and fines.)

With some 4 000 registered volunteer groups – from political activist to green care, the grass-roots environmental movement is in a healthy state.

Since 1995, the series of UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP) matured into regular discussions leading to agreements by governments, major polluters and policy interest groups.

High public acceptance of the need to act on Climate Change mean for the first time, COP decisions will flow quickly to every organisation and grass-roots base due to growth in digital technologies.

At COP-26 in Glasgow, Enjoy The Air will launch programs to assure continuous effort and measurement of Air Quality, in the spirit of new Climate Change protocols.

In collaboration with research and industry partners and global air quality experts, Enjoy The Air programs are designed for:


Partner Cities with authorities to change and report improvements to Air Quality.


Match industries, businesses, local authorities with community Air Quality of merit.


Publicly certify and report City leaders showing the greatest Air Quality improvement.

With today’s assumptions and institutions challenged by COVID-19, it is vital that we see our planet, communities and potential of our people in new ways so we don’t repeat past mistakes.

Our approach to compatible with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Circular Economy and Doughnut Economics to achieve a socially inclusive, equitable, healthy and sustainable planet.