healthy air level objectives (HALO)

changing the way cities think about air quality

The world is rapidly changing to accept environmental responsibility. Private industry is innovating with new green technologies, governments around the world are legislating change to protect air quality, and citizens are demanding accountability and visible progress to tackle pollution and emissions.

HALO certification is creating an internationally endorsed and recognized clean air framework, with measurable standards, analysis and support services and a global community of knowledge sharing.


show them you care about the air out there

In the UK alone, around 40,000 deaths a year are attributable to exposure from outdoor air pollution. The situation is far worse in many other parts of the world. The time to act is now.

The HALO certification process reveals areas of strength and weakness in a city council or other organisation. Rather than leaving it at just ‘that’s nice’ information, HALO  delivers fit-for-purpose clean air strategies and measurable objectives. In addition to this, ongoing certification requires continual improvement in the various core criteria.

Enjoy The Air advisors are available to analyse data and support staff to achieve compliance and savings. We are committed to achieving cleaner air standards, and securing the future for our local communities and wider planet.


the HALO certification process

1 The application meeting is held with an ETA advisor

2 The contract is drafted for the audit process

3 The audit is conducted against the HALO clean air certification standard

4 The report and compliance score are generated

5 The HALO certificate is issued where the score is above the minimum threshold.

begin your HALO clean air journey

Join the international community of organisations and cities who choose to be HALO certified. Take the first step towards clean air certification by getting in touch with our advisors to arrange your application meeting.