A circular approach

Change is good. Consistent reviewing, upgrading and refreshing change is better.

ETA is about more than one dataset, one city. It’s about long-term, sustainable solutions that improve the quality of air and the quality of living for all city-dwellers.

How do we do this? By collecting more quality data from diverse sources. By seeing what works well in some places and applying it to others. By sharing best practices to help cities design sustainable mobility services that are based on real-life, real-time stories, needs and behaviours.

Our work is underpinned by five of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. These goals acknowledge that investing in better environmental and mobility outcomes has a positive effect on economic growth, decent working conditions, innovation and affordable living. Done properly, and backed by quality data, this holistic approach means change and improvement in one area helps to drive change and improvement elsewhere.

So this is just the beginning.