Taking the Delivery Industry beyond Delivery

The ETA Citizen Feedback Loop is the foundation of Air Quality action by the community to:


Select and gain financial support for initiatives to address the effects of poor air quality.


Match the professional skills to neighbourhood need to deliver funded improvement.

Signs of Change

Observe repeatable success by investing in skills to pursue new ambitions.

The ETA Citizen Feedback Loop captures valuable insights for a City from UNITE Social Analytics. These insights draw together culture, socio-economic, inclusion and demographic influences for a clear picture of health equity, exposure to poor air and associated opportunities and risks.

This approach is based on the Model City London, a journey of place-based change successfully applied to sport and physical activity. The Model City approach to community building and development differs from conventional funding and capacity building approaches which often impose pre-determined decisions and investments. Commonly referred to as ‘The Drop’ approach, these methods result in funders taking decisions prior to local community engagement or guidance.

By contrast, the ETA Citizen Feedback Loop is based on ‘The Scaffold’ which is how Model City works. The community identifies social issues to address. HALO community-based coordinators and an enabling central team, provide the structure through funding and capacity support. The emphasis is on moving at the pace of communities and partners working together for Clean Air.

citizen feedback loop