Higher ambitions lead to change.

We are all addicted to carbon. The effects are unbreathable air, unliveable cities and unsustainable economies.

To break this addiction and Enjoy The Air, will make us healthy, safe and prosperous.

Are we slow learners? The evidence of links between Air Quality and environmental disaster is with us since discovery and analysis of Greenland ice cores, 70 years ago. The run of UN Conference of Parties (COP) events since 1995 started a conversation but hardly, pricked our collective conscience. Lack of consensus gave nations an ‘out’. Earth Day 2021 offers a real turnaround – provided we work together as never before.

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Climate Change

At Enjoy The Air, we’re inspired by the new spirit of cooperation and realpolitik for the planet. Real progress on Air Quality is in sight, through connectivity, social equity and transparency of change.

Our solutions enhance Cities for effectiveness by citizens, organisations, major employers, communities and businesses in working together to solve Climate Change.

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