Interpret – Maine Won’t Wait

Case Study: Climate Action Plan to Create the Future

Leaders of communities with high carbon dependency sometimes have difficulty starting a new conversation on Climate Change. Being a coastal economy, Maine has significant exposure to Climate Change due to high dependency on tourism, manufacturing and agriculture industries.

By interpreting many strands of civic and economic activity, Maine Climate Council’s plan for Climate Change is comprehensive and credible.

The Plan translates goals, implementation challenges and Climate Change effects already experienced by Maine, into 8 targeted strategies.

Strategies are grounded in community consultation, creating transparency and public trust between leaders, citizens and businesses to see the Plan through to fruition.

Maine shows the importance of starting where the community are at today. With many of today’s assumptions challenged by COVID-19, UNITE re-sets Climate Change aspirations to citizen priorities:

  • Maximise Reach – analyse on-line, face-to-face and leader sentiments for diversified evidence
  • Empathy – ask citizens to share distressing experiences, such as health effects of poor air quality
  • Expert Validation – interpret deeper meaning of citizen expectations for Climate Change action

UNITE stays true to citizens’ doubts and ambitions, tracing analysis to social data gained in the field.

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