Empower – Invest in Climate Change for the Good of Jane, John & Jo Citizen

Case Study: Back Convictions with Funding

In contrast to UK’s Presidency of COP-26 – criticised for not offering financing – the US will lead by example both in terms of GHG abatement and financing the transition to Net Zero Carbon.

The US is doubling greenhouse gas reduction, expected in the range of 45 to 50 per cent by 2030.

Climate envoy John Kerry projects America reinstating the green climate fund (closed by Trump) by investing additional money for break-through Climate Change solutions as well as assisting GHG reduction in poorer economies.

UNITE examines official, published records as well as verified local sources to support the investment case for Clean Air Transformation, delivering evidence that is:

  • Values Human Life – nations and communities are harmed by air pollution which claims at least 4.2 million lives a year (WHO); improved life expectancy is justifies investment in its own right
  • Empiric – sustained change in human behaviour is possible only through funding better infrastructure and support; projects proposed for funding consider mitigation of sovereign risk
  • Authoritative – UNITE artefacts are investment-grade for presentation to funding authorities

UNITE empowers local authority and community funds to deliver approved project proposals to avoid cost duplication (e.g. separate administration and project delivery organisations).